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Return & Refund Policy

Arab-iptv Returns and Refunds Policy:

 1- only support setup on iptv set-top box and do not support or provide guarantee over setup of roku, android, smart tv ...

 2-  Arab-iptv will not be able to make any refund (or make partial refund) 


  • If the customer didn't satisfied, like the channels line-up or performance. we suggest every customer to get a trial before buying subscription
  • Customer is unable to setup their own boxes at their end, we will provide our support to setup their boxes however because we don't know about the circumstances about their boxes our support is limited to pre-defined steps for configuration 
  • If some channels are freezing or not working. though almost all these serves are stable, sometimes some channels do freeze  or doesn't works due to various reason, however, most of the time these issues are temporary and caused by below reasons:

                                      - Customer internet fluctuations

                                      - Issue with the box 

                                      - Channel is down from the server end

            We don't manage these servers and we don't have any control over it 

  • Customer change his/her mind and wanted to withdraw / switch between servers 


 3 - Arab-iptv Satisfaction Guarantee policy allows customers to return their set top boxes or android boxes to the place where they purchased it from within 14 days of the date of FIRST USE.

4- No returns shall be accepted after 14 days of the date of FIRST USE. Customers have 14 days to evaluate the product and after 14 days, there will be no returns accepted by retailers / agents.

 5- Customer must return the box in original packaging, with all components (remote, cables, batteries and manuals), the return charges are on the customer.


7-    If one of these service stop working on any device is the responsibility of the customer to change the device so he can resume watching his subscription


Disclaimer :


It's not legal to watch any paid premium channels without a valid service from a valid provider, this product violate no laws through valid intended use tooth's product / service and we accept no responsibility for misuse. We do not host, provide, archive, store, distribute or stream media of any kind in our website. We do not own, manage, control, run, maintain or have access to the servers or entity involving in indexing / telecasting media of any kind. 

We at Arab-iptv we do not stream any of of the live IP channels, all channels are third party links available on the internet. We have no association with any of the ip channels shown or any of these product. Tv channels and video content of the services are being provided without any liability from us regarding copyrights. We link you with a largest collection of online news, sports, spanish, arabic, indian, etv IP channels any video from all the world, They are online available on the web. As per our knowldege all channels provided by the server selles abide by all relevant countries copyrights laws and any copyright issue must be taken up directly with the server owners. does not take any liability as to what is aired on the servers and have no control over the servers / streams or channels.

We do not own, advertise, distribute or provide any channels or channel list on our website. Server owner have the rights to add or remove any channels that they want.

This system is offered for sale to domestic households and is for private use only. Pre-paid subscriptions cannot be exchanged or refunded once the Box has been activated.

The package is NOT covered by warranty if broadcasting stops due to the broadcaster going out of business or a change in schedules.If this is the case we are not liable for this action and you have bought said subscription with this knowledge.