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How to Enable Developer Mode and Sideload Roku Apps

Posted by Admin on

Here’s how to sideload just about any non-store channel to your Roku.

Head to your living room, then turn the Roku on. Enabling developer mode starts by pressing a particular sequence of buttons on the official Roku remote (not the remote app on your phone.) In order, press:

  • Home three times, then
  • Up two times, then
  • Right once, then
  • Left once, then
  • Right once, then
  • Left once, then
  • Right once.

Do all that and you should see the Developer secret screen:

Write down the IP address (without the http://), and the username seen here  because you’re going to need them later. Once you’ve got that information, select “Enable installer and restart,” then hit “OK” on your remote. You’ll be asked if you agree with the SKD License Agreement:

Click “I Agree,” after reading every single word, then you’ll be asked to pick a development webserver password.

Take note of the password you set, ideally in the same place you took note of your IP address and username earlier. Your Roku will now restart. Once it’s booted, you can access Developer Mode.

here is a video how to enable Developper Mode  (FOR THE PASSWORD YOU CAN CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT)